turquoise ladders on either side of taller red ladder, which has red and white bulls-eye at top

More Than OK

Hard work — and giving back — allowed this alumnus to build a life of influence.
illustrated chart of one-hand manual alphabet

Reading the Signs

An alumna’s high-profile new book examines the life and controversial legacy of Alexander Graham Bell. (No, it’s not about the telephone.)
collage of people holding Pitt Magazine at places around the world
Feature Story

You’ve Been Scene

For years, alumni have been taking Pitt Mag along as they travel the world. Now, our interactive map lets you see just how far and wide Pitt pride goes.
stacks of books, with over-the-ear headphones, on painted teal backdrop and wooden table

Audio, Books

Read about — and listen to — some of the books Pitt alumni are writing.
portrait of woman with curly light brown hair, wearing navy and white striped blouse, in front of teal background
Extra Credit

Common Cause

Rising star anthropologist Heath Cabot studies what happens when citizens step in to address a crisis when formal institutions don’t.
Spire of mosque against the blue sky, with tan-and-brown cityscape in background

Bridging the Divide

A Pakistan-based Pitt computer science alumnus adds the 2021 Sheth Young Alumni Award to his list of achievements for his work on digital accessibility and literacy.
woman with long dark hair, wearing black shirt and bright blue surgical gloves, holds arm horizontally as bird stands on forearm

Gone Wild

Katie Kefalos helps injured and abandoned animals make it back home.
Space Jam: A New Legacy movie poster, courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures
Pitt Chat

Making A Good Impression

What's up, Doc? Expert voice actor Jeff Bergman serves up some of his best imitations and the story of how a chance encounter at Pitt led him to Hollywood.
black and white photo of Cathedral with side under construction, old cars lined up in snow in front of it

Now and Then

The Cathedral under construction, trolleys on Fifth, The O open on game day — oh, how the Pittsburgh campus has changed through the years.
illustration of three masked, caped people flying over landscape of trees, the words "Vaccinate" and "PA" on two of the three capes
Commons Room

Connecting the Shots

When COVID-19 vaccines were hard to find, a team of Pitt computer science students stepped in to help.
illustration of people's heads, eating utensils, glass of ice water, hamburger, spaghetti with meatballs, and cupcake floating over turquoise background
Commons Room

Meal Ticket

Thanks to new partnerships, Pitt students can now use their campus Dining Dollars to support local eateries.
illustration of multicolor-squared quilt with profiles of people inside some squares
Commons Room

Part of a Pattern

A class on museum curation invites students to think about art on a whole other level.
illustration in which three people investigate green, dinosaur-like creature with numbers on it
Commons Room

Big Picture

As today’s challenges mount, Pitt nurtures tomorrow’s big data problem solvers.
This illustration shows NASA's Perseverance rover casting off its spacecraft's cruise stage, minutes before entering the Martian atmosphere.

Signs of Life

Two Pitt people are helping NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover answer the question of whether life exists beyond our own blue planet.
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